February 28, 2022

S3:E2 | Lovely Merdelus | Reasons your business isn’t growing | Business

KORE'M Podcast
KORE'M Podcast
S3:E2 | Lovely Merdelus | Reasons your business isn't growing | Business

Show Notes

Continuing with the business pillar of our podcast, for S3E2, the Korem Podcast hosts sat down with business consultant Lovely M. Her passion is helping small companies unlock growth and provide solutions to complex problems, helping them to scale and scale up. Lovely is the CEO of Eleven59 and is a brand strategist helping the Haitian community see past just creating a business and thinking long term.

Topics discussed:

  • Scaling Businesses that can recirculate money.
    • Self Development
    • Driving sales
    • Operating at scale
  • Where Haitians go wrong foundationally when starting a business.
  • Fixing the wrong problem???
  • Business resources that may be available
  • Entrepreneur Playbook Summit

IG: @lovelymerdelus

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